Episode 42: Ask for much for He desires it.

Thank you for listening to our podcast, Chats of Mercy - a 10-minute chat using the words of St. Faustina from her Diary to bring you encouragement, hope, and light so that you can see His merciful love for your life and be inspired to spread the message of MERCY to others.


In this episode, Jesus tells us that He desires for the soul to ask for much, and I share how having the right mindset brings you peace and abundance at all times.


"I rejoice that souls ask for much because it is My desire to give much, very much. On the other hand, I am sad when souls ask for little when they narrow their hearts.. "

Divine Mercy Jesus (Diary, 1578)

Let's chat about how the Surrender 12-week Program can bring you that inner peace and exterior balance so that you overcome all and thrive amidst life difficulties.


Please promise to pray 1 chaplet of Divine Mercy Chaplet at  No One Dies Alone.org.

Fiat Wellness Center – Virtual Club – to enhance your holiness through wellness.  

Join a community of mothers walking on this journey of holiness through our wellness at Catholic Fit Moms for Life

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